Kara and Joe – A Family Wedding Affair

Kara and Joe got married on a cloudy Saturday at the Mint Museum on Randolph.  We got very lucky that the sun peaked through the clouds later in the day to lead to some beautiful pictures.  These two were so easy going and adorable together.  When Kara mentioned she wanted to pray with Joe before […]

Heather & Dan – New Year’s Eve Wedding

Heather gave me a call randomly back in January of 2012 and blindly wanted me to photograph her wedding.  Wow – I can’t believe she trusted me! But, man am I glad she did!  Hubs and I had a blast.  They were an incredibly fun and easy going group, which made for a great FIRST […]

Lauren & Tony – Engaged!

I’ve been best friends with Lauren’s older sister since way back in the day.  I’ve always loved Lauren, but I was lucky to get to love her much, much more once she moved to Charlotte a few years back.  Once Lauren officially moved to Charlotte, not only did I get to see her more, but […]