The Bradburys Keep Growing! | Charlotte Family Photographer

My favorite family is back and they’re growing!  Cassie and Joel are expecting sweet baby #3 in October!  Isla and Laylin will be big sisters!  I just can’t get enough of them.  This family is always beyond adorable, especially Joel. 😉

PS:  The last picture in this set is just amazing.  Isla talks about her wedding constantly and even wants a wedding themed birthday party.  I’m confident this picture will be shown at her real wedding some day.

Enjoy these beauties!



The Rimany Fam is Growing! | Charlotte Family Photographer

This little family is simply the best.  Although we don’t see each other often, I find myself feeling like I’m talking to old friends when we do.  Baby girl Bree will soon not be the baby anymore as they’re adding another little girl to the family in April.  It seems like everyone is adding their second lately!  Not only are they adding their second munchkin to the family, but they’re also about to start a massive renovation.  Props to the Rimanys for taking it all on like champs!  Jamie – we must drink a beer for our sanity once these babies arrive!  Enjoy sweet Miss Bree sassing around the Rimany compound pre-renovation.  Her and MP are having a competition for slowest growing hair. 🙂

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The Martin Family | Charlotte Family Photographer

We took these family photos in the Martin’s gorgeous side yard.  Four year old Mia had her sassy pants on which you can so see in her face for these.  She’s a tiny human that definitely knows what she wants (psst…it’s M&M’s).  Two and a half year old Kai is Mr. Laid Back & Cool.  These two are the perfect mini-versions of Danelle and Chris and it’s so fun to watch.


Reynolds Fam of Four | Charlotte Family Photographer

Thinking back on how long I’ve known April is kind of crazy because of all the change since then.  The biggest changes are shown in how fast we’ve all created and grown families.  When we met, none of us had families.  Now, almost everyone has one kid.  The Reynolds fam is one of the first to venture into the unknown world of two babies!  Meet their second babe Cooper Stone, aka Cree’s little brother.  This family was cute already, but Cooper just put the icing on the cake.


MacConnachie Crew | Charlotte Family Photographer

Kate and Cam are the definition of laid back and easy going.  I had so much fun chasing this bike gang around Squirrel Lake Park in Matthews.  Conor is a mini gentleman and MK is a tiny, independent, wild toddler – both in the best way.  They were on the move the whole time which was entertaining to watch.  These pictures are perfectly reflective of this awesome family!  Enjoy!

MacConnachieFam-101 MacConnachieFam-104 MacConnachieFam-105 MacConnachieFam-107 MacConnachieFam-109 MacConnachieFam-112 MacConnachieFam-113 MacConnachieFam-115 MacConnachieFam-117 MacConnachieFam-119 MacConnachieFam-121 MacConnachieFam-123 MacConnachieFam-125 MacConnachieFam-127 MacConnachieFam-129 MacConnachieFam-131 MacConnachieFam-133 MacConnachieFam-136

Baby Tolo is a sweet baby girl! | Charlotte Newborn Photographer

Baby Tolo is in the heezy!!!  I’m pretty sure everyone was convinced Baby Tolo was a boy, but she’s a sweet, sweet girl, named Claire Elizabeth!  She is absolutely perfect in every way!  Lauren is a total natural with her!  Tony isn’t so bad himself.

She was an angel during these pictures and slept soundly the whole time (although I think she barely slept the night before).  It’s been a blast watching this family’s journey from engaged to newlyweds to expecting to a family of three!  I’ll quit talking now and let these pictures of Claire speak for themselves.  So presh!

Side note:  I had to include some of the blooper shots of the extended fam.  I can’t even deal with how hilarious they were!!  Love these people to the moon!

ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-101 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-104 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-105 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-107 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-109 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-111 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-113 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-115 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-118 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-119 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-121 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-123 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-125 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-127 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-129 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-132 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-133 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-135 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-137 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-139 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-141 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-143

Laylin Turns One! | Charlotte Family Photographer

Itty bitty Miss Laylin turns one on August 9th (the day before my birthday!)!!  To celebrate, we capture the Bradbury Family on a sunny Sunday morning outside their home we’re they’re most comfortable.  I love these people.  When I think of the definition of family, the Bradburys scream it to me.  They are such a perfect family.  I really can’t believe Laylin is turning one, just 3.5 short weeks after MP did.  She’s the tiniest one year old ever, but with the perfect amount of spunk.  Her and MP were definitely bullying each other for toys already.  So hilarious!

Anywho, the Bradburys are the best.  I can’t get enough of watching this family grow!

LaylinOneYearFaves-102 LaylinOneYearFaves-103 LaylinOneYearFaves-105 LaylinOneYearFaves-107 LaylinOneYearFaves-109 LaylinOneYearFaves-111 LaylinOneYearFaves-113 LaylinOneYearFaves-116 LaylinOneYearFaves-117 LaylinOneYearFaves-119 LaylinOneYearFaves-121 LaylinOneYearFaves-124 LaylinOneYearFaves-125 LaylinOneYearFaves-128 LaylinOneYearFaves-129 LaylinOneYearFaves-131 LaylinOneYearFaves-133 LaylinOneYearFaves-136