Kane’s 1st Birthday Partayyy | Charlotte Family Photographer

Taking new baby pics and then 1st birthday pics for the same nugget is so fun and always nostalgic.  Each time the 1st birthday rolls around it’s like “say whaaaa??”

This time it’s Kane’s turn and my how he has grown.  He’s such a squishy little man and has the coolest family, especially big brother Meyer.

Enjoy the 1st birthday party celebration of Kane!


Baby Jackson Coming Soon! | Charlotte Maternity Photographer

YOU GUYS.  Jason and Natalie might be the cutest thing ever in general.  Then, when you add a sweet little baby bump, it’s really just cute overload.

You know how you have those people that you LOVE, but you don’t get to see enough.  This is Jason and Natalie for me.  Anytime I’m around them (which is never enough), I have a blast mainly because we laugh A LOT about anything and everything.

To me these pictures capture the essence of these soon to be parents.  They’re just so easy going and always having a good time – aka my kind of peeps.

I can’t wait to see them fully dive in and enjoy parenting this lucky little baby boy that’s about to come into the world.  It’s going to be super fun to watch because I know they’ll be naturals!


Cullen is OH so new! | Charlotte Family Photographer

You guys!  Weston is a big brother to baby brother Cullen!  These two boys are going to be the best of friends!  Cullen was such a lovey little newborn.  I’m fairly certain he could’ve rocked his lion hat all day long without a care.  I can’t believe the Rowles clan has two mini humans now.  They’re stepping into a beautiful, wild ride and I’m so excited for them!


Those Flaminio Girls | Charlotte Family Photographer

Sienna {noun} – 3 years old; a mini entertainer who loves twirling in dresses with painted nails and survives on milk & cookies

Tessa {noun} – 1 year old; a fearless adventurer who loves snacking and peek-a-boo and survives on cuddles with mom

The last time we saw these sweet girls, Sienna was two and Tessa was an always sleepy newborn.  They’ve grown into exactly the above definitions in the best way.  They made me extremely excited to continue watching my own two girls grow into sweet sisters.  I’m not sure you’ll be able to handle the cuteness of these sisters.  Brace yourself.

FlaminioGirlsFaves-101FlaminioGirlsFaves-104FlaminioGirlsFaves-105FlaminioGirlsFaves-107FlaminioGirlsFaves-109FlaminioGirlsFaves-112FlaminioGirlsFaves-113FlaminioGirlsFaves-115FlaminioGirlsFaves-117Slightly obsessed with the below picture.  They couldn’t be having more fun.FlaminioGirlsFaves-119FlaminioGirlsFaves-121FlaminioGirlsFaves-124FlaminioGirlsFaves-125-2This picture is everything.  One in her mouth.  One in her left hand.  Yup.  Time for another.FlaminioGirlsFaves-129FlaminioGirlsFaves-131You didn’t eat your cupcake right unless it’s in your hair.
FlaminioGirlsFaves-133FlaminioGirlsFaves-135FlaminioGirlsFaves-137FlaminioGirlsFaves-140FlaminioGirlsFaves-141This family picture is absolutely real life and I love it.  In last year’s family photos, Jen is cracking up just like this one.  So good.FlaminioGirlsFaves-143FlaminioGirlsFaves-146FlaminioGirlsFaves-147FlaminioGirlsFaves-149

Claire & Ella – Mini BFFs

You’ve met Claire before when she was just an itty bitty newbie, but Ella is new here.  Together, these two are adding a TON of cute and squishy to the blog.

Their moms are best friends, therefore they’ll be besties (obvi).  Claire is an elderly 10 months to Ella’s 8 months in these pictures.  Together they’re just the sweetest.  It took all my might to not photoshop conversation bubbles onto these pictures of what these two mini BFFs might be saying to each other.  Enjoy these tiny faces!