Mason Turns One! | Charlotte Toddler Photographer

This oh so lovely family braved an EXTREMELY crisp and cold morning in Davidson to get some snaps of cutie Mr. Mason strutting his stuff.  Mason didn’t seem to mind the cold, for the first half anyway!  He was hamming it up trying to get his studly boots to stay on.  This family was so laid back and the pictures show it.  Enjoy these beauties of Mason as an almost one year old!!


Murphy Bump Part Deux | Charlotte Maternity Photography

We literally just saw these cuties a week ago, BUT that’s okay because there’s more and these ones are the realest of real life adulting – aka pregnant with two boys and a massive home renovation.  Ahh, how I love photographing real life.  It’s the best and so happy Teen was up for this idea when I shot it out of my brain.  Enjoy the Murphy baby bump again!

Side note:  You haven’t lived until you’ve survived a huge renovation with kids.  WHOA!

Yes, that is Murphy carrying Nolan down the steps outside.  Hehehe!

The Jones Fam Grows Again | Family Photographer Charlotte

It really seems like yesterday when we were taking Virgil’s baby pictures.  Macie is now a young lady, Emery is no longer a squishy toddler, and Virgil is a full blown 3 year old.  Over 3 years later, here we are taking pictures again for a new baby boy – Amos Edmund.  He’s the squishiest, chillest little thing and a perfect addition to this amazing family.  It was so much fun seeing his family, especially big sisters,  love all over him.  Cassie, Joel and fam came to join in for some bigger family photos too.  The kids were all incredibly well behaved and extra adorable.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get to document this family again sometime in the future.  It’s so fun watching them grow!  Enjoy!


The Martins are Growing! | Family Photographer in Charlotte

We took pictures almost exactly a year ago.  Since then, Mia and Kai have grown so much and they’re adding a new baby brother to the mix!  This family absolutely cracks me up because they just “love” getting their pictures taken, oh so much (I mean not really).  We keep it fun though and I adore how these turned out!

Trying to force Kai to smile here.  🙂

Bradbury Party of 5 | Charlotte Family Photographer

Umm seriously – how can one family be so.damn.cute all.the.time (previous proof of cuteness here).  Little brother Jonas is here and we got some shots of him when he was a mere 60 hours old.  I see every member of the family in him and mind = blown.

I’m kind of in love with these pics, not only because these are some of my favorite humans ever, but because the pics show each of the kid’s personalities so well!  Laylin is just over two and Isla is just over four.  They embody these ages perfectly here and it makes me so so happy!