Bye April!

April was oh so busy!  We started off with daddy holding his first Wim Hof Method workshop in beautiful Linville Gorge.  It was a HUGE success and we’re so so proud of him!!!  While he was away, we had fun picking strawberries, petting farm animals, and hitting up MP’s first easter egg hunt.  Up next, […]

March Gone

Another day [err, month], another dollar.  We’ve been enjoying the quick turn to Spring and alllllllllllll the lovely pollen that comes with it.  But seriously, the weather has been great for walks and hanging outside.  I doubt it will last long.  The biggest event of the month was me going to NYC for work during […]

Peace to Feb

February is a month I want to remember.  A month that was pretty swell.  After making it to over 11 months and building a stockpile of milk in the deep freezer, I finally quit breastfeeding and pumping.  Close to 3.5 years straight of being pregnant or breastfeeding/pumping.  WHOA!  Basically incredibly mixed emotions of both FREEDOM! […]

Adios 2016

As I sit here writing this on a quiet morning about to start back to work after an amazing holiday break, I can’t help but be thankful.  December was a wild, but wonderful month for us. We started off going to our favorite party of the year, the Levitt’s Latke Party.  Literally, never a dull […]

November Recap

November seems like so so long ago right now.  Could also be because I’m currently getting over a brutal stomach bug.  It was a short one, but powerful while it lasted.  YUCK! Anywho, back to November which was a glorious month! Hubs went to CO to complete his Wim Hof Method training course in Granby. […]

Real Neat Blog Award

Libby at (my) Rabbit Trails nominated me for this cute little blog award!  It’s been about a month now and it’s due time I pass it on!  Libby’s blog covers an extremely wide range of topics, which she somehow manages to make seamlessly interesting.  She’s an avid runner, has three boys, and is generally just […]

Hello Fall!

October was a great month!  Because of a combination of factors (two in diapers, breastfeeding, a newly renovated home, an infant that still takes three naps / day, juggling  a demanding job), we tend to stay in town and enjoy our surroundings more often than not.  Hanging around our house is just what we did […]

On to the next month

September was a month of transition and new things.  First and foremost, RJ turned a half year on the 1st!  Then we really started off the month by taking the girls camping for the first time over Labor Day with a couple other families and kids.  In total (at one point), we had 7 kids […]