Bye 2017!

Wow – 2017 was an amazing year for our little family.  When looking back, the amount of change we’ve gone through personally for me, personally for Tate, and then for our family as a whole is pretty mind blowing.  I’m very proud of us when looking back on it all.  December though, it was full […]


November was a month of getting to know our new home and lemmetellya, it delivered on expectations.  #1, it snowed!!!  CO has the best snow.  It’s the beautiful kind that actually accumulates, but then melts super quick because the sun comes out!  It was enough to play in and to sled ride in – yahtzee! […]

Headed West!

October was BIG, HUUUUUUGE for us.  We headed west and now live in Colorado.  The mountains were calling and we took the plunge!  Needless to say it was a crazy month with alllll the things involved in that. We did a lot of packing.  We squeezed in so many last minute visits with friends and […]

August Memories

It’s almost October, so I can barely remember August.  Ahh.  It’s been so busyyyyyyy.  I’m gonna have a hard time going back into the memory banks here, but here goes.  We started off with a big garage sale.  It was TONS of work, but pretty fun in the end getting it all together.  I felt […]

July Fly By

July was so gooooooood, but soooooo fastttt!!!  The goodness is displayed by the absurd amount of pictures this month AND a really long video (I swear I tried to cut them down!). We had an amazing 4th of July hanging with some besties at the Stewart’s pool.  MP had her first official no nap day […]

June in the rear view

We’re already half way through July while writing this and big girl is three!!  I shouldn’t be folding into July deets, but she pretty much calls us “Mom” and “Dad” now.  No more “mommy or “Daddy”.  Ugh x1000. June seems so long ago.  I started off with a soul filling visit with my BFF Katie. […]

No Longer May

Another month gone so fast.  We started off the month spending some extra time with Grandma and Paw Paw before she left to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain for two whole months with nothing but a 20 pound backpack (yes, you read that right) and before he left to go run the some […]

Bye April!

April was oh so busy!  We started off with daddy holding his first Wim Hof Method workshop in beautiful Linville Gorge.  It was a HUGE success and we’re so so proud of him!!!  While he was away, we had fun picking strawberries, petting farm animals, and hitting up MP’s first easter egg hunt.  Up next, […]