Lemon Babies

I got the bright idea to give the nuggets lemons and photograph their reactions.  Wade was the best!  He was too little to get away and not quite quick enough to not continue to feed himself the lemons.  Parker on the other hand was too smart for us.  He would shut his mouth and crawl […]

Meet Sweet Sienna Joyce!

Sienna is such a calm and easy going newborn.  She definitely gets it from her parents.  I showed up to Joe and Jen’s house four days after Sienna was born and the vibe was so easy going, which was surprising considering this little life changer had just came onto the scene.  We took these pictures […]

Isla Rae Is A (One Year) Old Lady!

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Bradburys and little Miss Isla by now.  So, since you’re already in the know, can you flippin’ believe Isla is one?!?!?!  Time just keeps a-flyin’. We took Isla’s one year pics at a fellow photographer’s home.  In fact, it’s the home at which I attended my photography workshop a […]