November was a month of getting to know our new home and lemmetellya, it delivered on expectations.  #1, it snowed!!!  CO has the best snow.  It’s the beautiful kind that actually accumulates, but then melts super quick because the sun comes out!  It was enough to play in and to sled ride in – yahtzee!  We’ve explored some local spots and events: downtown holiday lighting ceremony, winter farmer’s market, local toy store.  We have been regularly hitting up the library which MP literally LOVES.  I’ve actually been reading some books too which is lovely!  We got invited to a new friends’ house for dinner and had a blast.  We met the Bannisters for a day at the Nature & Science Museum in Denver.  We spent Thanksgiving alone as a family on a morning hike in Lory State Park and then I whipped up a super friggin’ delicious vegan Thanksgiving meal – green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, and mac n cheese.  Nomnomnom.  We also headed south to spend the day at one of my girlfriend’s (from high school) houses.  It was a perfect day to reconnect and let the kids have a blast at their amazing home with views of the mountains.  We also did a couple family bike rides, sometimes to breweries.  Last, but not least, we joined a climbing gym and took the girls.  Oh – and as always, Daddy took the girls on quite a few park days, solo bike rides, and adventures while I worked.

MP: She’s definitely in the phase where she’s not sure if she’s a baby or a big girl.  She’s just trying to sort it out.  She let me put her hair in pig tails multiple times this month.  She encourages Rosie to try to potty.  She really seems to love painting and coloring.  She almost always rocks no socks and loves to go barefoot outside.  She isn’t so into cold weather gear and is definitely the kid wearing shorts when people have coats on.  She LOOOOOOVED the snow so so so so much.  It was sooo fun watching her live it up.  She built a teeny tiny snowman.  She would sit in a bathtub for hours now and just play if we’d let her (sometimes we do).  She was literally obsessed with Parker (Josh & Sarah’s niece).  They played sooo well together and I wish we lived closer to them so they could play everyday!  She flew a kite for the first time!

RJ: Seriously is a comedian.  Continues to exponentially grow her vocabulary and can communicate so much to us.  Says “you make me sad” if she gets in trouble.  Says “it scare me” when watching a show with a monster.  If you ask her why she did something, she’ll simply say “cuz”.  She pee pee’d in the potty for the first time (and hasn’t gone again since then) and sits and tries on it regularly now.  She still sucks her thumb and twirls her hair with her hand, sometimes making huge knots in her hair.  She wasn’t so into the snow.  I think it’s mainly b/c she can’t figure out gloves yet and her hands were just freezing.  She can eat crunchy tacos better than MP and barely spills the insides out (talk about proud mama moments).  Her and MP LOVE running back and forth in our upstairs hallway chasing each other.  They especially love when I hide and jump out to scare them.  It causes all sorts of hysterical laughter for everyone.



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