Headed West!

October was BIG, HUUUUUUGE for us.  We headed west and now live in Colorado.  The mountains were calling and we took the plunge!  Needless to say it was a crazy month with alllll the things involved in that.

We did a lot of packing.  We squeezed in so many last minute visits with friends and family.  Our move went a little something like this…

  • We shipped MP and RJ off to Gamma’s in TN
  • Hubs and my dad picked up the biggest Budget Rental truck possible plus a trailer to tow one car
  • We packed and cleaned and packed and cleaned
  • We closed on our house
  • The girls came back from TN to my Great Grandma’s
  • The boys took off and hit the road with the truck towing a trailer and driving our 2nd car for three days
  • Grandma, the girls and me stayed at my Great Grandma’s through Saturday (all while I worked the whole week)
  • The boys (including Wes!) arrived in CO Friday the 13th
  • Grandma, the girls and me flew to CO Saturday morning the 14th!
  • We drove from the airport to our new casa!

The first few days were definitely an adjustment with coming from super humid to super dry conditions, changing time zones, waking up early, staying up late, but alas, we settled and we love it!

Grandma and Paw paw stayed for about 1.5 weeks and helped us so much!  We unpacked, took some adventures, went to plenty of breweries and restaurants and explored our new home!

MP: Doing awesome riding her balance bike.  Her and RJ either play really sweetly or bicker like crazy.  She always wants whatever RJ just picked up.  Still an incredibly picky eater.  We have to force her to take bites and she’ll gag dramatically. She went trick or treating for the first time and LOVED it (even though we only let her have one piece of candy).  She can trace her letters pretty well!

RJ: Loves eating pretty much anything we cook – even the healthy stir fries.  Will eat 4 bowls if we let her.  Definitely becoming an emotional toddler.  Literally obsessed with water, especially any water that’s not hers.  Is saying a ton of 2-3 word sentences.  “Yummy tummy”.  “Thank you mommy you’re welcome”.  Loves bars and would carry one around for a full day nibbling on it if we’d let her.  Eczema has gotten better since getting to the dry climate!

October’s Video:

Two girls – same pose – same age – same chair17.10_BlogPost-104
Miss these next two ladies tons and so glad I got to spend time w/ them before leaving!  17.10_BlogPost-10517.10_BlogPost-10617.10_BlogPost-10717.10_BlogPost-108
The girls went to a wedding in TN
Molinari’s cooked us a deeeeelish meal while we packed
Truck all packed17.10_BlogPost-11117.10_BlogPost-112
QT with Levitt before leaving
Hubs pimpin’ the big truck
On the road!17.10_BlogPost-11617.10_BlogPost-11517.10_BlogPost-11717.10_BlogPost-11817.10_BlogPost-12017.10_BlogPost-119
Same pose as Great Grandma
Airport at 5am – whoa that’s early17.10_BlogPost-12217.10_BlogPost-123
She slept for maybe 30 minutes the entire day17.10_BlogPost-124
We made it to CO!!!17.10_BlogPost-12517.10_BlogPost-12617.10_BlogPost-127
This face cracks me up so much
The dinosaur park is our fave!17.10_BlogPost-13117.10_BlogPost-13217.10_BlogPost-13317.10_BlogPost-134
Stole everyone’s water bottles17.10_BlogPost-135
Learning about Halloween decorations
Lory State Park17.10_BlogPost-13717.10_BlogPost-13817.10_BlogPost-13917.10_BlogPost-14017.10_BlogPost-14117.10_BlogPost-14217.10_BlogPost-143
Petting something cuh-razyyyy
Date night while G-parents were still in town!
Rocky Mountain Park adventures on an insanely windy and cold day
You can kind of tell how windy it was in the below picture
Super daddy!
Somebody likes the new bike setup!
Locality was soooo yummo17.10_BlogPost-17117.10_BlogPost-17217.10_BlogPost-17317.10_BlogPost-17417.10_BlogPost-17517.10_BlogPost-17617.10_BlogPost-17717.10_BlogPost-178
Halloween at Intersect Brewing
Biking the Poudre Canyon Trail17.10_BlogPost-18117.10_BlogPost-18217.10_BlogPost-18317.10_BlogPost-18417.10_BlogPost-18517.10_BlogPost-186


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