Septiembre is a game changer

#1 – killing it with my high school Spanish, amiright??

If ya don’t know, now you know!  September was a wild one in the best way.  Hubs and I started off by spending a week in CO to figure out where to L.I.V.E.  Whoa – did I just say that out loud??  Yup!  While the girl’s spent the week in TN, we saw an amazing hot air balloon festival, hit up a few of a plethora of breweries, spent two days in Rocky Mountain National Park, ate some bomb ass Vegan food, and took in all the feels of the west – the best feels around in my humble opinion.  It was so so good.

Once we got back, logistics became our warp speed life.  Lots of “last” friend visits, WWC hang sessions, “last” photo shoots, lots of trying to play in our house with hardly any toys (they’re all packed! – first world problems right?), an amazing Bruno Mars concert, a 40th bday party for Martin (are we seriously that old?!?!?!), a super quick work trip to Jacksonville FL (best time hanging with LSJ!), and a blur of a going away party (never enough time with all our faves!).  I’m feeling all the feels about the past nine years in this lovely city with all these lovely people.  Life changes are oh so nostalgic.  Ahh.  More feels are sure to be had next month (aka right now).

MP:  We made her a countdown calendar for the move.  We tried to make her understand we wouldn’t be leaving for a month.  In 3 year old time, that’s basically 20 years.  She’s started to use some of our parental sass right back on us.  Talk about self reflection.  Still a pretty picky eater, but we did get her to take a couple bites of her own salad AND like it.  Pretty sure she just wanted the croutons.  But hey whateva…

RJ: Has started to make some seriously hilarious facial expressions, leaving us cracking up.  Still loves busting a move by swinging those baby hips (see video).  Also, is finally attached to two stuffed animals, creatively named “Baby” (a mouse that looks like a rock, yes really) and “Bubby” (aka a duck wubanub).  Her eczema still flares up if we don’t stay on top of it and dropping dairy has immensely helped with it.  She says “itchy”, “itchy” if we don’t keep socks on her.  She’s definitely our good eater.  While at Gamma’s and once finished with her plate, she relocated herself to finish off her sister’s unfinished plate of goods, as one does.

September’s video:

Two plates of food?  Don’t mind if she do!
Smoothie days!
Packing wears a girl out
Bests for life.
Looking for Grandma and Paw paw.
Proof she ate her salad.
Took her to Old Navy to get a dress.  She didn’t get a what about clothes or a dress.  What did she give a what about?  Hugging EVERY.SINGLE.MANNEQUIN.  I obliged and yes, the trip took about 20 minutes longer than it should’ve, but it was so darn cute.
Grandma heaven.
That lady in the middle.  I love her.
Also, this pretty mama.  She means the world to me.
Backwards pants.  You win some, you lose some.
Gonna miss these superb humans.
Such a big squirrel.
Crazy Aunt Coco.
Pardon her, while she takes a phone call.  She’s very important, ya know.
We will desperately miss this climbing wall.


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