June in the rear view

We’re already half way through July while writing this and big girl is three!!  I shouldn’t be folding into July deets, but she pretty much calls us “Mom” and “Dad” now.  No more “mommy or “Daddy”.  Ugh x1000.

June seems so long ago.  I started off with a soul filling visit with my BFF Katie.  Days like those don’t come by too often.  So cherished.  Katie was treated to a mini-Wim Hof method workshop from the man and I’m pretty sure she liked it.  MP was mighty obsessed with her too.  June was our 2nd full month of Grandma / Pawpaw vacations, but we got some cool postcards!  Lastly, the girls went to TN for a week while we had some adult time!

MP: This month was a battle of sleep.  She figured out how to talk us into sleeping next to her for too long.  It is seriously so sweet sleeping next to her, but phew the sleep itself, isn’t so satisfying.  I got quite a few good naps with her this month though and loved it while it lasted.  She love, love, loved the splash pad this month.  She has gotten to where she sticks her whole face right over the blast of water and lives for it.  Hard to believe she hated water not too long ago.  Puts the word “super” before the verb in every sentence.  “I super am hungry”.  “I super don’t want to go to sleep”.  Can get in and out of her carseat alone and does one strap herself.  AHHHHH.  Weighs 36 lbs.

RJ:  Just keeps getting cuter and feistier.  She marches to the beat of her own drum, but snuggles like a champ.  She’s starting to communicate so much more.  While putting her to bed, I sang “ric roc rj, ric roc mp”.  She stopped me and firmly said “no, ric roc paw paw!”.  I stopped and started again with “ric roc paw paw”.  She took a deep breath and relaxed into me.  She loves giving big sister hugs and grunting at her when she wants her to leave her alone.  She says “ni ni” now and says “dah-eee” super softly almost constantly to hubs.  She has started to kiss the phone bye during FaceTime.  Weighs 25.5 lbs.

June’s video:

Katie does WHM
RJ reading Grandma’s postcard from Spain!
She’s in to literally everything.
We taught her to find Spain where Grandma was.
Grandma’s postcards from Spain
Those curls.
USNWC with Loey and Jay c.
One of my favorite things about this phase and this house.  Eating pb toast on the floor with both girls every morning.
Splash pad!
TN time!
Adult time at the USNWC
Daddy made her a magnifying glass.
She slept like this, with my arm under the pillow, so I couldn’t move, for an hour.17.06_BlogPost-136
Mr. Ben in the freezer.
The baby chicks got bigger!
These two are the cutest ever.
Someone just joined the learning tower.  MP isn’t sure how she feels about it.17.06_BlogPost-14717.06_BlogPost-148
I got a text with this picture captioned “Grandma heaven”.17.06_BlogPost-14917.06_BlogPost-150


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