Bye April!

April was oh so busy!  We started off with daddy holding his first Wim Hof Method workshop in beautiful Linville Gorge.  It was a HUGE success and we’re so so proud of him!!!  While he was away, we had fun picking strawberries, petting farm animals, and hitting up MP’s first easter egg hunt.  Up next, we headed to sunny Cabo San Lucas for President’s Club!  It was great to have a few days of relaxation and silliness with some of our oldest work friends.  I also made another quick trip to NYC for work.  Lastly, we ended the month with a weekend getaway / camp trip for the hubs’ birthday (PS. We old) to Winston Salem / Pilot Mountain.  The best SAHDe ( took his girls on plenty of fun activities:  kayaking, one on one dates to the Whitewater Center, a visit to the Nature Center with MP’s bestie, and other playdates.

MP: My BFF for real.  She’s so incredibly sweet and helpful with her sister.  She’s starting to get curious about everything.  We’ll catch her pulling up stools everywhere to quietly get into something and explore.  She’s potty training hardcore and in undies other than naps and bedtime.  Her crib wall got taken off and she’s now in a “big girl bed” which means she is free to roam.  EEK!  She’s a badass with using scissors now!

RJ: Standing alone finally, but still not walking.  Using the side scoot still to the fullest.  Finally finished up her last bag of breastmilk ever!  Bittersweet.  Has about six teeth now.  One big one at the top (the bucktooth) with three others popping through and two all the way through on the bottom.  She’s got some crappy eczema we’ve been dealing with, but she doesn’t seem to mind.  Says “wa wa” for water or milk.  Still eats pretty much whatever and WAY more than MP.  MP eats like a bird.

April’s video:

Free Wim Hof session on the beach.  Everyone was curious.17.04_BlogPost-11817.04_BlogPost-11917.04_BlogPost-12017.04_BlogPost-12117.04_BlogPost-12217.04_BlogPost-123
I felt like I got much deeper underwater, BUTTTTT I didn’t.17.04_BlogPost-12417.04_BlogPost-12517.04_BlogPost-12617.04_BlogPost-127-217.04_BlogPost-129
Cabo crew was the best.  #lilscrappy #webescrappin17.04_BlogPost-13017.04_BlogPost-13117.04_BlogPost-13217.04_BlogPost-133-217.04_BlogPost-13517.04_BlogPost-136
I literally can’t handle how cute these two are together.
Bucktooth pose.
Grandma did egg coloring with MP
We got a slackline and it’s so fun!!
Big girl bed!!!
Trunk picnics with daddy!
Big dipper and little dipper
Crushes it with scissors.


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