Bradbury Party of 5 | Charlotte Family Photographer

Umm seriously – how can one family be so.damn.cute all.the.time (previous proof of cuteness here).  Little brother Jonas is here and we got some shots of him when he was a mere 60 hours old.  I see every member of the family in him and mind = blown.

I’m kind of in love with these pics, not only because these are some of my favorite humans ever, but because the pics show each of the kid’s personalities so well!  Laylin is just over two and Isla is just over four.  They embody these ages perfectly here and it makes me so so happy!



4 thoughts on “Bradbury Party of 5 | Charlotte Family Photographer

  1. Hi Sarah! I always enjoy your blog. I love looking at the sweet pictures you capture of families. As such, I’ve nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award. You’re so talented, I think others would enjoy your work too. If you’d rather not accept, that’s totally fine – I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your posts!

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