Baby Jackson Coming Soon! | Charlotte Maternity Photographer

YOU GUYS.  Jason and Natalie might be the cutest thing ever in general.  Then, when you add a sweet little baby bump, it’s really just cute overload.

You know how you have those people that you LOVE, but you don’t get to see enough.  This is Jason and Natalie for me.  Anytime I’m around them (which is never enough), I have a blast mainly because we laugh A LOT about anything and everything.

To me these pictures capture the essence of these soon to be parents.  They’re just so easy going and always having a good time – aka my kind of peeps.

I can’t wait to see them fully dive in and enjoy parenting this lucky little baby boy that’s about to come into the world.  It’s going to be super fun to watch because I know they’ll be naturals!


2 thoughts on “Baby Jackson Coming Soon! | Charlotte Maternity Photographer

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