Sweet Baby Kane! | Charlotte Family Photographer

Sweet baby Kane was such an easy baby to photograph!  And his family, especially older brother Meyer, were so easy going.  The typical chaotic feeling of having a newborn in the house wasn’t there at all.  This family made me at ease as soon as I walked in!  Enjoy Kane when he was 13 days new!

KuneviciusFamilyFaves-102 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-104 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-105 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-107 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-109 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-111 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-114 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-115 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-118 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-120 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-121 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-123 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-125 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-128 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-130 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-131 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-134 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-135 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-137 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-140 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-141 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-144 KuneviciusFamilyFaves-145

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