MacConnachie Crew | Charlotte Family Photographer

Kate and Cam are the definition of laid back and easy going.  I had so much fun chasing this bike gang around Squirrel Lake Park in Matthews.  Conor is a mini gentleman and MK is a tiny, independent, wild toddler – both in the best way.  They were on the move the whole time which was entertaining to watch.  These pictures are perfectly reflective of this awesome family!  Enjoy!

MacConnachieFam-101 MacConnachieFam-104 MacConnachieFam-105 MacConnachieFam-107 MacConnachieFam-109 MacConnachieFam-112 MacConnachieFam-113 MacConnachieFam-115 MacConnachieFam-117 MacConnachieFam-119 MacConnachieFam-121 MacConnachieFam-123 MacConnachieFam-125 MacConnachieFam-127 MacConnachieFam-129 MacConnachieFam-131 MacConnachieFam-133 MacConnachieFam-136

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