Baby Tolo is a sweet baby girl! | Charlotte Newborn Photographer

Baby Tolo is in the heezy!!!  I’m pretty sure everyone was convinced Baby Tolo was a boy, but she’s a sweet, sweet girl, named Claire Elizabeth!  She is absolutely perfect in every way!  Lauren is a total natural with her!  Tony isn’t so bad himself.

She was an angel during these pictures and slept soundly the whole time (although I think she barely slept the night before).  It’s been a blast watching this family’s journey from engaged to newlyweds to expecting to a family of three!  I’ll quit talking now and let these pictures of Claire speak for themselves.  So presh!

Side note:  I had to include some of the blooper shots of the extended fam.  I can’t even deal with how hilarious they were!!  Love these people to the moon!

ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-101 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-104 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-105 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-107 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-109 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-111 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-113 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-115 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-118 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-119 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-121 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-123 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-125 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-127 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-129 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-132 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-133 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-135 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-137 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-139 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-141 ClaireNelsonNewbornFaves-143

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