Laylin Turns One! | Charlotte Family Photographer

Itty bitty Miss Laylin turns one on August 9th (the day before my birthday!)!!  To celebrate, we capture the Bradbury Family on a sunny Sunday morning outside their home we’re they’re most comfortable.  I love these people.  When I think of the definition of family, the Bradburys scream it to me.  They are such a perfect family.  I really can’t believe Laylin is turning one, just 3.5 short weeks after MP did.  She’s the tiniest one year old ever, but with the perfect amount of spunk.  Her and MP were definitely bullying each other for toys already.  So hilarious!

Anywho, the Bradburys are the best.  I can’t get enough of watching this family grow!

LaylinOneYearFaves-102 LaylinOneYearFaves-103 LaylinOneYearFaves-105 LaylinOneYearFaves-107 LaylinOneYearFaves-109 LaylinOneYearFaves-111 LaylinOneYearFaves-113 LaylinOneYearFaves-116 LaylinOneYearFaves-117 LaylinOneYearFaves-119 LaylinOneYearFaves-121 LaylinOneYearFaves-124 LaylinOneYearFaves-125 LaylinOneYearFaves-128 LaylinOneYearFaves-129 LaylinOneYearFaves-131 LaylinOneYearFaves-133 LaylinOneYearFaves-136

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