Meet Little Miss Tessa Anne | Charlotte Family Photographer

Sweet, sweet Tessa Anne is here!  She was due July 4th, but made just it in time to be a June baby like her sister, Sienna.  You’ve seen adorable little Sienna before here and here.  It was so fun to see the resemblance between the two girls.  I feel like they look exactly alike, yet so different.  Life is crazy!  These pictures were so fun to take like they’ve always been with the Flaminio’s!  I can’t wait to see these two sisters grow together!  Enjoy!

FlaminioFamilyFaves-101 FlaminioFamilyFaves-104 FlaminioFamilyFaves-105 FlaminioFamilyFaves-107 FlaminioFamilyFaves-109 FlaminioFamilyFaves-111 FlaminioFamilyFaves-114 FlaminioFamilyFaves-115 FlaminioFamilyFaves-117 FlaminioFamilyFaves-119 FlaminioFamilyFaves-121 FlaminioFamilyFaves-124 FlaminioFamilyFaves-125 FlaminioFamilyFaves-127 FlaminioFamilyFaves-130 FlaminioFamilyFaves-131 FlaminioFamilyFaves-134 FlaminioFamilyFaves-135 FlaminioFamilyFaves-137 FlaminioFamilyFaves-140 FlaminioFamilyFaves-141 FlaminioFamilyFaves-143 FlaminioFamilyFaves-146

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