Baby Knox | Charlotte Family Photographer

We haven’t seen the Cocos clan since Wade-nado was born and well before he was living up to the nickname.  But Baby Knox is here and we got some beautiful shots of him as a tiny two week old.  Can’t wait to find out what nickname he’ll get for himself.  Only time will tell.  Until then, enjoy the Cocos family, party of four!  They’re the sweetest!
KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-101 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-103 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-106 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-107 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-109 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-111 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-113 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-115 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-118 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-120 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-121 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-123 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-126 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-127 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-130 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-131 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-133 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-136 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-137 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-138 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-140 KnoxCocosNewbornFaves-142

One thought on “Baby Knox | Charlotte Family Photographer

  1. Amazing job getting Wadenado to pose! The pictures look awesome and capture the family so well- love your use of the outside surroundings and light. Couldn’t be happier with the pictures…thank you for your hard work on these- we LOVE them!

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