Baby Tolo | Charlotte Maternity Photographer

YOU GUYS!  It’s been a while since we’ve seen Lauren and Tony, but fair warning, they haven’t stopped being any less cute since then.  In fact, they’re probably cuter than before because Lauren has the most beautiful baby bump.  I remember when we last took their family Christmas photos, she said “this will probably be the last time we take pictures as just Tony and I”.  The girl had a vision and here they are with the EXACT same due date as I had last year for MP.  So cray!!  These two are just so perfect together.  I think I’ve said that every post about them, but sorry, I’m saying it again.  Because…….TRUE!  I can’t wait to watch them do this stage of life together.  It’ll be magical.  Yup – magical is the word everyone uses when you have a newborn.  They’re about to feel that and I couldn’t be happier for them!  Love you two and baby Tolo to the moon and back!

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