The Many Faces of Owen | Charlotte Family Photographer

You’ll remember this little cutie pie from some frigid Winter photos we took in December.  We went back to the same place this time, but got WAY better Spring weather.  Owen brought his trains and ran around like a little human being will do.  He was gracious enough to gift me with an endless supply of facial expressions.  Just when you thought you’d seen them all, he busted out another hilarious face.  He always looks like he’s up to something…

He usually is.

ZebrackiFamApril2015-101 ZebrackiFamApril2015-103 ZebrackiFamApril2015-106 ZebrackiFamApril2015-107 ZebrackiFamApril2015-110 ZebrackiFamApril2015-111 ZebrackiFamApril2015-114 ZebrackiFamApril2015-115 ZebrackiFamApril2015-117 ZebrackiFamApril2015-119 ZebrackiFamApril2015-122 ZebrackiFamApril2015-123 ZebrackiFamApril2015-125 ZebrackiFamApril2015-128 ZebrackiFamApril2015-129 ZebrackiFamApril2015-131 ZebrackiFamApril2015-133 ZebrackiFamApril2015-135

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