Haizlip Baby Girl On The Way | Charlotte Maternity Photographer

I met Paul and Shonda for the first time when taking these photos this past Saturday, but I’d been hearing a ton about Paul for awhile from my husband.  They work together and mainly just act silly together.  When meeting them in person, Paul was just as silly as I imagined.  I didn’t know what to expect with Shonda, but WOW! is she gorgeous and so laid back.  I loved how their two personalities fit together to produce these gorgeous images.  I hope you enjoy looking at this beautiful couple during such a special time.  Before they know it, baby girl Siena will be here and lives will forever be changed in the best way possible!

HaizlipMaternityFaves-101 HaizlipMaternityFaves-103 HaizlipMaternityFaves-106 HaizlipMaternityFaves-107 HaizlipMaternityFaves-110 HaizlipMaternityFaves-111 HaizlipMaternityFaves-113 HaizlipMaternityFaves-115 HaizlipMaternityFaves-117 HaizlipMaternityFaves-119 HaizlipMaternityFaves-122 HaizlipMaternityFaves-123 HaizlipMaternityFaves-126 HaizlipMaternityFaves-127 HaizlipMaternityFaves-129 HaizlipMaternityFaves-132 HaizlipMaternityFaves-133 HaizlipMaternityFaves-135 HaizlipMaternityFaves-137 HaizlipMaternityFaves-140 HaizlipMaternityFaves-141

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