Meet Little Miss Bree | Charlotte Family Photographer

You’ll remember Josh and Jamie from their maternity photos back in March.  The bump from those pictures is now the MOST adorable 6.5 month old little Miss Bree.  Seriously, can’t get over what a chill little sweetie she was during these pictures.  She’s pretty much mastered the art of sitting up and it was so fun capturing her budding personality.  She’s an absolute doll.  Enjoy these gorgeous photos of the awesome Rimany Family!

RimanyFamilyFaves-101 RimanyFamilyFaves-103 RimanyFamilyFaves-105 RimanyFamilyFaves-107 RimanyFamilyFaves-110 RimanyFamilyFaves-111 RimanyFamilyFaves-114 RimanyFamilyFaves-115 RimanyFamilyFaves-117 RimanyFamilyFaves-119 RimanyFamilyFaves-121 RimanyFamilyFaves-124 RimanyFamilyFaves-125 RimanyFamilyFaves-127 RimanyFamilyFaves-129 RimanyFamilyFaves-131 RimanyFamilyFaves-134 RimanyFamilyFaves-136 RimanyFamilyFaves-137 RimanyFamilyFaves-139 RimanyFamilyFaves-141 RimanyFamilyFaves-143 RimanyFamilyFaves-146

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