Collier Family + Pups | Charlotte Family Photographer

I loved maximizing on the beautiful Charlotte fall weather while taking pictures of the sweet Collier family.  Sarah Collier, of Taken by Sarah Photography, is a photographer friend of mine who took our maternity photos back in April.  She is an amazing photographer and just a generally great person.  I hope you enjoy meeting her husband Ben (who shoots with her) and their two pups, Marvel and Roo.  They are so much fun!

CollierFamilyFaves-101-1 CollierFamilyFaves-105 CollierFamilyFaves-107 CollierFamilyFaves-109 CollierFamilyFaves-112 CollierFamilyFaves-113 CollierFamilyFaves-116 CollierFamilyFaves-117 CollierFamilyFaves-119 CollierFamilyFaves-121 CollierFamilyFaves-124 CollierFamilyFaves-125 CollierFamilyFaves-127 CollierFamilyFaves-129 CollierFamilyFaves-131 CollierFamilyFaves-133 CollierFamilyFaves-135 CollierFamilyFaves-138 CollierFamilyFaves-139

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