Baby Molinari | Charlotte Maternity Photography

How psyched were we when we found out the Molinaris were pregnant over some delicious pancakes during a fun Sunday brunch?!  Pretty, pretty stoked is the correct answer!  I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that these two would be pregnant shortly after us and my wishes came true.  MP gets to grow up with a crazy Molinari mini!!  Wuuhuu!

We took these gorgeous fall maternity shots at Fourth Ward Park in uptown Charlotte and the scenery did not disappoint.  These two (really 2.5) are always a hoot to hang out with and I love seeing them make each other laugh.  These pictures turned out exactly the way I hoped – showing their adorable chemistry!

Love you two and the bump so much already.

MolinariMaternityFaves-101 MolinariMaternityFaves-103 MolinariMaternityFaves-105 MolinariMaternityFaves-107 MolinariMaternityFaves-109 MolinariMaternityFaves-111 MolinariMaternityFaves-113 MolinariMaternityFaves-116 MolinariMaternityFaves-118 MolinariMaternityFaves-119 MolinariMaternityFaves-122 MolinariMaternityFaves-123 MolinariMaternityFaves-125 MolinariMaternityFaves-127 MolinariMaternityFaves-129 MolinariMaternityFaves-131 MolinariMaternityFaves-134 MolinariMaternityFaves-135 MolinariMaternityFaves-137 MolinariMaternityFaves-140-2 MolinariMaternityFaves-143 MolinariMaternityFaves-145

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