Laylin Jane, 3 Days New | Charlotte Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Laylin Jane Bradbury was born August 9th, one day shy of being a birthday twin with me!  She looks exactly like Joel and a bunch like Isla, although she’s definitely a great combo of both Cassie and Joel.  She was such an angel for these pictures and it was so fun hanging out with this tiny lady.  Enjoy these gorgeous pictures of the new family of four.  Love these people!

LaylinNewbornFaves-101 LaylinNewbornFaves-103 LaylinNewbornFaves-105 LaylinNewbornFaves-108-2 LaylinNewbornFaves-111 LaylinNewbornFaves-113-2 LaylinNewbornFaves-117 LaylinNewbornFaves-119 LaylinNewbornFaves-121 LaylinNewbornFaves-123 LaylinNewbornFaves-126 LaylinNewbornFaves-127 LaylinNewbornFaves-129 LaylinNewbornFaves-131-2 LaylinNewbornFaves-135 LaylinNewbornFaves-138 LaylinNewbornFaves-139 LaylinNewbornFaves-141 LaylinNewbornFaves-143 LaylinNewbornFaves-145 LaylinNewbornFaves-147

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