Nolan Thomas Murphy | Charlotte Newborn Photographer

Mr. Nolan is here!  The Murphys are now officially a family of four and G is a big bro!  Loving that Teeny is a mom of two adorable boys and Murph makes such an amazing dad.  I just love this family to the moon and back!  For the record, I knew it was a boy.  Enjoy these pictures of this growing family!

NolanMurphyNewbornFaves-101 NolanMurphyNewbornFaves-104 NolanMurphyNewbornFaves-105 NolanMurphyNewbornFaves-108 NolanMurphyNewbornFaves-109 NolanMurphyNewbornFaves-112-2 NolanMurphyNewbornFaves-115 NolanMurphyNewbornFaves-118 NolanMurphyNewbornFaves-119

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