Bradbury Baby #2! | Charlotte Maternity Photographer

YIPPEEE!!!!  The Bradbury’s are pregnant with baby #2 and due in August!  So flipping exciting for Isla to be a big sister!  She’ll be such a good one!  Cassie, as usual, came up with a unique way to announce their new bean and I was lucky enough to document it, but all Isla wanted to do was play and get dirty.  After snapping a few pics, she could not be distracted from her rocks and dirt!  It was so fun watching her run around and get her pretty outfit scuffed up.  Even though she was good at playing by herself, she’ll be even better hanging with her new sibling!  Can’t wait to watch Cassie’s belly grow!

BradburyBaby2-101 BradburyBaby2-103 BradburyBaby2-105 BradburyBaby2-107 BradburyBaby2-109 BradburyBaby2-111 BradburyBaby2-113 BradburyBaby2-115 BradburyBaby2-117 BradburyBaby2-119 BradburyBaby2-121 BradburyBaby2-123 BradburyBaby2-125

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