Nelson Family Holiday Shoot | Charlotte Family Photographer

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from these two love birds.  Since their engagement pictures, they’ve gotten married AND added a second pup to the mix.  Lauren and Tony are seriously the perfect mix!  Lauren has TONS of energy and Tony balances her out perfectly.  They are a crack up to be around!  As you’ll see in the pictures, Lauren LOVES her pups – Zoey and Wells.  Tony definitely does too, but I repeat, Lauren LOVES those pups!

We hadn’t seen Lauren and Tony in quite awhile so it was really great spending the day with them and hitting up a local brunch spot after the shoot.  Yum yum!

Lauren and Tony – I can’t wait until you two have little babies to include in the next round of pictures!  There I said it and hope I don’t have to wait too long!

NelsonFamFaves-101-2 NelsonFamFaves-105 NelsonFamFaves-107-2 NelsonFamFaves-112 NelsonFamFaves-114 NelsonFamFaves-115

NelsonFamFaves-117 NelsonFamFaves-119 NelsonFamFaves-121 NelsonFamFaves-123-2 NelsonFamFaves-127 NelsonFamFaves-130 NelsonFamFaves-132 NelsonFamFaves-133 NelsonFamFaves-135 NelsonFamFaves-137 NelsonFamFaves-139-2 NelsonFamFaves-141 NelsonFamFaves-146 NelsonFamFaves-147 NelsonFamFaves-149

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