Brandon & Amy | DIY Las Vegas Wedding

Wow!  I’ve known Brandon for almost 10 years now.  In the summer of 2004, I became insta-BFFs with his sister Allison (heart x1 million) and then got to meet her rad brother as a bonus.  Since I’ve known Brandon, he’s been one of the most genuine, no-BS people I’ve ever known, which I greatly appreciate.  As soon as I met Amy in May of 2011, right when they were moving in together, it took me about three seconds flat to realize she was the one.  If Brandon was rad, Amy was the raddest (sorry Brandon).  Her hair and her style made me want to eat her up.  She’s the cutest!

When Brandon called me back in January to ask if I’d be interested in shooting their wedding, I was over the moon.  I wouldn’t miss the wedding regardless, but I was secretly hoping they’d ask me!

Fast forward to October 2013.  Hubs and I headed to Las Vegas to spend some pre-wedding quality time with the Kiser family which was super fun.  Did I mention Brandon’s parents were my family while I lived in Vegas?  Love them to pieces!

The week flew by and before we knew it, Saturday was upon us.  Amy and Brandon worked so hard on every detail of their wedding.  They had it in a friend’s beautiful backyard.  Amy’s dress was handmade from her vision.  A friend made the cupcakes.  The bridesmaids put together the favors.  Amy hand potted the succulents into the tea and coffee cups.  You see where this trend is heading.  Their hard work paid off because it was every bit of perfect.

To Brandon & Amy, THANK YOU to the moon and back for trusting Hubs and I with your big day.  You two are beyond perfect for each other and I’m so happy to call you friends!

KiserWeddingFaves-102KiserWeddingFaves-103 KiserWeddingFaves-106-2 KiserWeddingFaves-110-2 KiserWeddingFaves-115 KiserWeddingFaves-118 KiserWeddingFaves-119 KiserWeddingFaves-121 KiserWeddingFaves-123 KiserWeddingFaves-125 KiserWeddingFaves-127 KiserWeddingFaves-129 KiserWeddingFaves-131-2 KiserWeddingFaves-135-2 KiserWeddingFaves-139 KiserWeddingFaves-141 KiserWeddingFaves-144 KiserWeddingFaves-147 KiserWeddingFaves-149 KiserWeddingFaves-151-2 KiserWeddingFaves-153 KiserWeddingFaves-157 KiserWeddingFaves-159 KiserWeddingFaves-163 KiserWeddingFaves-165 KiserWeddingFaves-167 KiserWeddingFaves-169Lark, Tara, and Matt practicing their surprise performance for Amy & Brandon.
KiserWeddingFaves-171Brandon’s reaction to his bride coming down the aisle!KiserWeddingFaves-174 KiserWeddingFaves-175 KiserWeddingFaves-177 KiserWeddingFaves-179-2 KiserWeddingFaves-184 KiserWeddingFaves-185 KiserWeddingFaves-187 KiserWeddingFaves-189 KiserWeddingFaves-191 KiserWeddingFaves-194 KiserWeddingFaves-197 KiserWeddingFaves-200 KiserWeddingFaves-201 KiserWeddingFaves-203 KiserWeddingFaves-205 KiserWeddingFaves-207 KiserWeddingFaves-209 KiserWeddingFaves-211 KiserWeddingFaves-213 KiserWeddingFaves-215 KiserWeddingFaves-217 KiserWeddingFaves-220 KiserWeddingFaves-221 KiserWeddingFaves-223 KiserWeddingFaves-226Brandon surprised Amy by singing to her.  A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.KiserWeddingFaves-231

Lark, Tara, and Matt in action singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”.  So perfect!KiserWeddingFaves-233 KiserWeddingFaves-236 KiserWeddingFaves-239 KiserWeddingFaves-242 KiserWeddingFaves-243 KiserWeddingFaves-246 KiserWeddingFaves-247 KiserWeddingFaves-252 KiserWeddingFaves-255

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