Brandí, Bryan & Baby Bump! | Charlotte Maternity Photographer

You may remember these two from their pregnancy announcement photos.  Brandí and Bryan are so laid back and easy to work with.  Brandí is due in four weeks!  Say what?!  Yes, I said four weeks!  She looks fantastic, right?!?!

Anywho, these two have the most adorable chemistry.  You saw it in their pregnancy announcement photos back in May and now check out how much their love has grown.  They’re so tender with each other.  It’s a beautiful thing, ya’ll!
BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-101 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-103 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-106 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-107 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-110 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-111 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-113 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-116 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-117 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-120 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-121 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-123 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-126 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-127 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-129 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-131 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-133 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-136 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-137 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-140 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-141 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-143 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-145 BrandiBryanMaternityFaves-148

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