Hicks Family | Charlotte Family Photographer

Meet the beautiful Hicks family – Justin, Kim, Devin, and Juliana.  We had an unbelievably gorgeous fall day for their family pictures at Freedom Park.  Check them out below and give them some love!

KimJustinFamilyFaves-101 KimJustinFamilyFaves-104 KimJustinFamilyFaves-105-2 KimJustinFamilyFaves-109 KimJustinFamilyFaves-111 KimJustinFamilyFaves-114-2 KimJustinFamilyFaves-117 KimJustinFamilyFaves-120 KimJustinFamilyFaves-122 KimJustinFamilyFaves-123 KimJustinFamilyFaves-126 KimJustinFamilyFaves-127 KimJustinFamilyFaves-129 KimJustinFamilyFaves-132 KimJustinFamilyFaves-133 KimJustinFamilyFaves-135 KimJustinFamilyFaves-137 KimJustinFamilyFaves-139 KimJustinFamilyFaves-142 KimJustinFamilyFaves-143 KimJustinFamilyFaves-148-2 KimJustinFamilyFaves-151 KimJustinFamilyFaves-153 KimJustinFamilyFaves-156 KimJustinFamilyFaves-157 KimJustinFamilyFaves-160 KimJustinFamilyFaves-162-2 KimJustinFamilyFaves-167

2 thoughts on “Hicks Family | Charlotte Family Photographer

  1. Dude that one of them on top the bridge is money. But the one with dad kissing daughters head in B&W? Wowsers. That water looks silky smooth.



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