Meet Sweet Sienna Joyce!

Sienna is such a calm and easy going newborn.  She definitely gets it from her parents.  I showed up to Joe and Jen’s house four days after Sienna was born and the vibe was so easy going, which was surprising considering this little life changer had just came onto the scene.  We took these pictures outside in the warm, but not too hot weather in the summer evening.  Sienna cooperated perfectly.  Check out the Flaminio family below and show them some love!

SiennaFlaminioFaves-101 SiennaFlaminioFaves-102 SiennaFlaminioFaves-103 SiennaFlaminioFaves-104 SiennaFlaminioFaves-105 SiennaFlaminioFaves-106 SiennaFlaminioFaves-107 SiennaFlaminioFaves-108 SiennaFlaminioFaves-110 SiennaFlaminioFaves-111 SiennaFlaminioFaves-113 SiennaFlaminioFaves-114 SiennaFlaminioFaves-115

2 thoughts on “Meet Sweet Sienna Joyce!

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