Murphy Family Photos In Charlotte, NC

The Murphy’s are just about as cute as you can get, especially when you include Graham, aka G-Money in the equation.  This little guy is such a nugget.  Check out these great pics I took of them on a beautiful Saturday morning!  Love this fam!

PS.  Notice how intrigued Graham was with mama’s necklace in some of these pics. Too funny!

MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-101 MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-102 MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-103 MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-104 MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-105 MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-106 MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-107 MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-108 MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-109 MurphyFamilyAprilBlog-110



One thought on “Murphy Family Photos In Charlotte, NC

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