Meet The Coco-nut!

Meet Mr. Wade Cocos – aka the Coco-nut!  He’s such a sweet little thing.  The weather was amazing for these photos and this little guy just curled up and slept perfectly in the sun.  He’s such a love!  John and Sarah made one sweet little boy!


WadeCocosNewborn-128 WadeCocosNewborn-104 WadeCocosNewborn-105 WadeCocosNewborn-106 WadeCocosNewborn-107 WadeCocosNewborn-109 WadeCocosNewborn-111 WadeCocosNewborn-140WadeCocosNewborn-112 WadeCocosNewborn-146WadeCocosNewborn-116 WadeCocosNewborn-117 WadeCocosNewborn-120 WadeCocosNewborn-121 WadeCocosNewborn-123 WadeCocosNewborn-124 WadeCocosNewborn-125 WadeCocosNewborn-127

3 thoughts on “Meet The Coco-nut!

  1. What a beautiful boy! Such amazing photos, capturing one of life’s most special creations…a FAMILY!! Love Y’all.

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