Heather & Dan – New Year’s Eve Wedding

Heather gave me a call randomly back in January of 2012 and blindly wanted me to photograph her wedding.  Wow – I can’t believe she trusted me! But, man am I glad she did!  Hubs and I had a blast.  They were an incredibly fun and easy going group, which made for a great FIRST wedding experience.  Heather and Dan – I’ve said it a bunch already, but one million times over, THANK YOU for trusting me with your special day!  It was perfect! HeatherDan-106 HeatherDan-109 HeatherDan-112 HeatherDan-121 HeatherDan-122 HeatherDan-126


HeatherDan-127 HeatherDan-136 HeatherDan-139 HeatherDan-140 HeatherDan-148 HeatherDan-153 HeatherDan-161 HeatherDan-164 HeatherDan-167 HeatherDan-174 HeatherDan-186 HeatherDan-190 HeatherDan-198 HeatherDan-200 HeatherDan-202 HeatherDan-206 HeatherDan-208 HeatherDan-212 HeatherDan-214 HeatherDan-219First Dance – adorbs!HeatherDan-223 HeatherDan-225 HeatherDan-230 HeatherDan-233 HeatherDan-235Mother/Son Dance – very emotional!
HeatherDan-240 HeatherDan-242Father/Daughter dance.HeatherDan-244 HeatherDan-249 HeatherDan-251 HeatherDan-257 HeatherDan-259 HeatherDan-260 HeatherDan-261 HeatherDan-267 HeatherDan-270 HeatherDan-277 HeatherDan-281 HeatherDan-286 HeatherDan-288 HeatherDan-291 HeatherDan-293 HeatherDan-296Midnight kiss!
HeatherDan-302 HeatherDan-306Slipping into the my-feet-are-killing-me-but-I-must-keep-dancing-shoes!HeatherDan-312 HeatherDan-313

6 thoughts on “Heather & Dan – New Year’s Eve Wedding

  1. Wow- beautiful couple, amazingly super fun wedding, beautiful bridal party (wink..wink) and AMAZING photographers!! So happy I was a part of such a wonderful event!!

  2. First off, CONGRATS to Heather and Dan!! Heather you look phenom. Sarah I am speechless. These photos are spectacular! It makes my heart smile seeing a dream of yours you have had since childhood become a reality. Here’s to the first of many more weddings!! 🙂 xoxo

  3. AHHH! THESE PICTURES ARE STUNNING!!! Looks like one incredible day and new year! Congratulations to both of you! Miss you dearly hezz-air, you are so beautiful. Cheers to forever Mozes’!!!!

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