Katie and JD – Greater Things

What do you say about two people who are stronger than you could ever imagine being?  I could spout out a long list of adjectives, but to keep it simple, these two people amaze me everyday.  This post is the start (probably more like the middle, though I’ve been there since the beginning) of a beautiful story with more details to come in the future.  How far in the future must you wait to find out the rest of the story?  I’m not quite sure yet and neither are they, but just rest assured that for these two, greater things are yet to come!  Love you both!

4 thoughts on “Katie and JD – Greater Things

  1. Absolutely amazing! Greater things are yet to come for these two, and we can’t wait to find out what they are. Lots of love to all. XO

  2. These pictures are amazing! You both look like rock stars. And I have no doubt that greater things ARE yet to come!

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