Kim & Mike – Engaged!

I was so happy when Kim asked me to do her engagement photos!  Kim is one of those girls that’s quiet at first, but once you crack her code, holy shiz, she’s hilarious.  Not only is she hilarious, but she’s gorgeous and just plain fun to be around.  I met Mike for the first time while taking these photos and he’s not too shabby in the comedy department himself.  The two of them together seem perfect and are great at feeding off each other’s sillyness.  The day was windy and cold and many a passer-by got flashed by Kim’s flowy dress blowing in the wind Marilyn-Monroe-style even though Mike was trying oh-so-hard to hold her skirt down like a true gent.  These two were extra silly and fun the entire time probably due to the shots they took before coming.  They were entertaining and very easy to shoot because it’s obvious how comfortable they are around each other.  It is awesome seeing people like them together and I know their wedding will be an absolute blast!  Thanks for trusting me to shoot you two!

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