Baby Murphy Is Almost Here!

I’ve known Teen since 7th grade, back when I was rockin’ all Phoenix Suns gear (you know the 7th grade version of you is super jealous) like I was the jam.  She’s been one of my bestest bestest friends ever since.  Once we graduated high school, we both decided Virginia Tech was the college for us, so we packed up and headed into 3.5 of the best years ever.  During those blurry college years, I specifically remember the first time Teen met her husband Murphy.  “Sarah, I just saw this really hot guy in the elevator!”  And I said, “Oh, the guy with the sweet blond tipped hair?”  Okay, maybe I didn’t say that last part, but for the record, he did have some sweet blond tipped hair.  Anywho, these two didn’t come together right away, but eventually, during our senior year, they became inseparable and have now been together for almost 8 1/2 years.  Teen and Murphy are honestly some of the best friends I’ve ever had.  They’ve been there for me through it all and I couldn’t be more off the charts excited that this 8 1/2 year journey has lead them to their new addition.  Baby Murphy will be here SOOOO soon, but until then, enjoy these maternity and baby shower photos from Teen’s pregnancy journey!

Do you think Baby Murphy is a boy or a girl?!?!

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