Baby Murphy Is Almost Here!

I’ve known Teen since 7th grade, back when I was rockin’ all Phoenix Suns gear (you know the 7th grade version of you is super jealous) like I was the jam.  She’s been one of my bestest bestest friends ever since.  Once we graduated high school, we both decided Virginia Tech was the college for […]

Lauren & Tony – Engaged!

I’ve been best friends with Lauren’s older sister since way back in the day.  I’ve always loved Lauren, but I was lucky to get to love her much, much more once she moved to Charlotte a few years back.  Once Lauren officially moved to Charlotte, not only did I get to see her more, but […]

Logan’s 1st Birthday Party!

So, clearly I’m behind on my blogging since Logan turned the big oh-1 back in November and is practically a teenager now, but nonetheless, the party pics are here!  Logan’s mom Dani did such a great job on her party.  The kids had fun, the adults had fun – which made for an all around […]