The Future Painters

No, these aren’t the people that are going to be painting my new townhouse, although that’d be pretty sweet.  These are some of my greatest friends and I couldn’t have been more honored to shoot a 2nd batch of engagement shots for them in our mutual neighborhood of NODA.

Ross and Nicole were extremely easy to shoot given Ross is one of the most silly people on the planet.  Let’s just say he might’ve grabbed Nicole’s toosh on more than one occasion.  These two are perfect for each other and are contagious to be around.  You cannot leave their presence without a smile on your face.  Below are some of my favorite shots from the shoot that catapulted me into trying to do this as a true professional side gig.

To Ross and Nicole: Thanks for making the shots come so naturally and of course thanks for inspiring me!  You guys are the best – and Bella too!


3 thoughts on “The Future Painters

  1. Sarah I knew that you would be such a great photographer great pictures I know you will be very sucessful in ya

  2. Sarah! This is so awesome!!!!! I am sooo glad you decided to start a blog and so excited for you! You have so much talent and I know everyone gets to see your wonderful work. Ross and I are so honored to be on your blog 🙂 love ya!

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